Wood Knobs at The Brass Knob!

Our name doesn’t tell the whole story. You can find all manner of brass knobs here, of course, but we’ve also got them in bronze, porcelain, ceramic, glass—and wood.

Top row, l-r: standard shape; drum shape; and and unusual knob shape that received a patent. Bottom row, l-r: drum shape, drum with a domed top; and ball shape.

Wood is perhaps the least known—and used—material for knobs, but it’s certainly the oldest. These types of knobs enjoyed a boom in the late 19th century in particular, according to our Doorknob Collector newsletter, when the Ornamental Knob Co. started pressing new patterns into the wooden knobs, making it much easier to produce and sell creative designs.

Do you have a wood banister in your home that’s been worn perfectly smooth through years of hands running up and down its surface? That’s the beauty of a well-aged wooden door knob—it feels smooth, soft and warm in your hand. And because it’s so unusual to see in today’s homes, it’s sure to draw attention.

The next time you’re on the hunt for interesting door knobs or hardware, come take a look at all the shapes, sizes and patterns that line our shelves.