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For a historian tracking trends in home décor over the past century, one need only look at some of the fashion in decorative ironwork for an ever-changing example.  From the detailed art deco, to the scroll work and intricate nature of antique ironwork from the Victorian design period, to the more ornamental of the Georgian design period, and that of the late 1800’s, a glimpse into the past architectural and design periods of this country reveals a lovely history in vintage ironwork.

At The Brass Knob, we offer a wide selection of antique and vintage ironwork, including iron grilles, hooks, registers, artwork, brackets, and much, much more. Our antique ironwork comes in a variety of styles from a number of different architectural eras. We are confident you will be pleased with our selection and find the antique ironwork that fits your wants and needs. Visit our Washington, DC store or click the button below to view our selection!

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Durable Pieces of Art

Vintage ironwork and antique ironwork are literal works of art and add authenticity and value to any home restoration.  No period restoration, or décor, is complete without the addition of both decorative and functioning vintage ironwork.   Grate covers, bathroom fixtures, wall panels, register covers, and other interior pieces add lovely detail to your interior décor.  Exterior ironwork, such as decorative garden pieces, wrought iron and cast iron furniture, and garden gates, are quaint and reflect your sense of balance in your vintage restoration.

Finding just the right accent piece or fixture isn’t always an easy task.  For the discerning homeowner with an eye for detail, no replica will do.  Authentic and lovingly restored pieces of antique ironwork are the only items you want in your home, whether reflecting your interior décor or legitimizing your renovated period home.

The Place for Vintage and Antique Ironwork in Washington, DC

The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques is your go-to source for vintage and antique ironwork.  For over 30 years, The Brass Knob has been acquiring pieces of vintage ironwork, salvaged from period homes and buildings, and repurposed for your interior design.  We are your best source for ironwork from the most popular architectural periods.  Our inventory encompasses all trends from 1870-1940.

For decades, homeowners trusted the durability and long-standing beauty of cast iron, and cast metal.  That’s why your antique ironwork has weathered the years so well.  From fireplace grates to register covers, door-stops, to garden furniture, true iron never loses its beauty.  Once restored, antique ironwork becomes a functioning and lovely reflection of past periods of art and architecture.

Your Vintage Ironwork Source in Washington, DC

For your antique and vintage ironwork needs, consult The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques.  We carry a vast selection of items, including hardware, fixtures, lighting, doorknobs, fireplace accessories and many additional accouterments to add style and panache to your vintage home.  Virtually every influential design and architectural period is represented in our unique inventory.  And, our inventory is constantly being added to and updated.

If you’re in need of just the right piece of vintage or antique ironwork, drop by our Washington, DC store and examine our inventory.  Online or in-house, our team of experts is available and ready to assist you in any way.  If you don’t find what you need from our large selection of antique and vintage ironwork, check back as our inventory changes daily.

Online, please contact The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques with any questions you may have, or for ordering a specific piece of vintage ironwork.

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