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Though the Victorian era spanned the time period during which Queen Victoria ruled England, much of the art and architecture representative of that period was, and still is, evident in the US.  Victorian architecture is seen in every major city in this country and Victorian style is still appreciated today.    From furniture, to homes, to décor, the Victorian-era style is still a favorite among Washington DC homeowners and businesses alike.

In and around the DC area, as with many urban areas, Victorian homes abound.  Just look for the tell-tale architectural signs, such as fretwork, ornate trim, and elaborate exteriors, which make it easy to spot original homes of this period.  Inside, you’ll find fixtures, hardware and furnishing which are equally as ornate.  The somewhat complicated and “fussy” décor of the Victorian era is exemplified in lighting fixtures, interior trim, and the liberal use of ornamentation.

France had influence, during this time, over much of the furniture and décor of the early Victorian Rococo style, however, British architect Charles Eastlake influenced the later Victorian period.  True Victorian era design incorporated many periods in history, as is evidenced by ornate, and sometimes, complicated, architecture.  An empty room, in the Victorian era, was considered in poor taste, so the relative “fussiness” of Victorian interior design became a hallmark of that era.  End tables, sideboards, and pedestals were the focus of the room, where art and accessories were displayed.

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Antique Victorian Home Decor

If you have an interest in the décor of the Victorian period, either the Rococo Revival, identified by gilt and intricate design, or the Eastlake, which produced straighter lines and designs of a more gothic nature, you’ll find it all at The Brass Knob.  We specialize in restoration items for your Victorian home, as well as decorative elements.   From authentic and functioning hardware, fixtures, furniture and accessories, we have just what you need to return your Victorian home to its prior majesty.

Should you wish to invest in pieces from the Victorian design era as art to be showcased in your home, we can help you find specific and unique one-of-a-kind period pieces.  The Brass Knob provides Victorian antiques for every room in your home, bathroom, to bedroom, and parlor to pantry.

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The Brass Knob has been assisting antique architecture aficionados in Washington, DC since 1981.  With each and every client served, The Brass Knob has helped restore the city’s bygone design periods and preserved a sense of culture among our residents.  With our vast inventory, spanning many different periods of art and architecture, from 1870-1940, we are able to supply you with the necessities required to restore your Victorian home from the ground up.

Your Online Resource For Victorian Antiques

For those individual homeowners, as well as business owners and interior design specialists, who desire antiques from the Victorian period, but who don’t reside near the Washington, DC area, we provide online ordering.  Browse our extensive catalog for your Victorian fixtures, fretwork, scrollwork, hardware and furniture. Contact our experts with any questions or requests you may have.  If you don’t find what you need, come back again as our inventory changes, and new acquisitions arrive daily.

The Brass Knob is your best source for all items Victorian. Come browse our shop, or take a look online. You’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.

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