Using Antique Doorknobs in Modern Doors

As people rediscover older homes and want to install architectural antiques and antique hardware into their homes they will occasionally find that new materials aren’t immediately compatible with old ones. This is particularly true of new pre-drilled doors and antique hardware. However, there is an easy solution!

New doors are typically manufactured to use new hardware. What this means is that there is a 2 1/8″ hole drilled in the door that will allow modern hardware to be easily installed. What does this mean to people who don’t want to use generic new hardware? Well, they will find that, for the most part, antique plates and roses aren’t big enough to cover this modern hole. For those just joining us in the wonderful world of antique hardware, roses and plates are the pieces that go against the door into which the knob fits. This allows the knob to turn and operate the latch. Examples of these can be seen in the Hardware section of our website.

We are pleased to offer an effective and attractive solution to this dilemma. We carry a new “over-sized” rose that will cover the holes drilled in new doors. These come in nickel, brass and antique brass finishes.


We also offer a new latch that will fit inside the existing holes and works mechanically with the spindle that connects antique knobs and passes through the door. These latches also come in a variety of finishes.

Retrofit Latch Kit

With these simple items you can now install many different styles of antique doorknobs to bring a unique character to your home. Please feel free to contact us with any needs that you might have.