Turning Antique Knobs into Pulls and Hooks

We often have people in the shop who are looking for interesting pulls and coat/hat hooks. One of our favorite solutions for this is to re-purpose antique knobs for this use! A single knob that has long lost its counterpart can find new life as a unique pull for a closet or cabinet. A collection of decorative hardware might take on a new role as a special coat rack.

A very small, simple piece of hardware can help you achieve this. Pictured below you will see a set of “dummy” spindles.

A Pair of Dummy Spindles

A typical doorknob spindle is about 4 inches long and allows for a knob to screw or (in some cases) slide onto each end. Dummy spindles, as you can see, only allow for one knob to screw on a small distance. The other end of the spindle is a round piece that mounts flush against a flat surface. Below you will find a picture of a knob mounted on a dummy spindle.

Glass Knob with Dummy Spindle

Finally, pictured below, you can see a set of three dummied knobs mounted to a lovely piece of decorative wood. This makes for a unique hat or coat rack. This particular item is for sale for $165.

Three Dummy Knobs Mounted on Decorative Wood

As mentioned before, knobs set up in this fashion can also be used for closets and cabinets. In cases where the doors close with a ball catch or magnet latch these can be used to create pulls.

Pairs of dummy spindles run $7.50, and most knobs can be set up in this way. Please feel free to contact us to see about setting up your knobs as dummies, or (of course!) come visit us in the shop and pick out knobs to use.