Deco Lighting: A Walk Down Memory Lane

At The Brass Knob we feel sentimental about ALL our vintage wares and architectural antiques, but there’s a special place in our hearts for those pieces that remind us of simpler, happier days. In some of our rose-colored nostalgia, everyone dressed better and looked better—and that approach extended to public spaces, even the corner market.

There’s a brilliant Web site of old pictures that can help us remember these times. Shorpy gives you a delightful walk down memory lane, and has an excellent cache of photos from Washington landmarks, such as the District Grocery Story chain. Note the gorgeous lighting in these shops — a far cry from the fluorescents in our modern markets.

This DGS was at 7th and E streets Southwest, around 1935.
This photo is from a DGS, also in 1935.
This one was on Connecticut Avenue, same era.
This photo shows the S.A. Gatti stand at the Center Market in 1926.

How often do you see this beautiful lighting these days? Sure, restaurants all over town have got it, but not the corner market. We’re thankful to Shorpy for taking us back to these times, and we’re also excited to have some of our own deco lighting that also hearkens back.

We just received this unbelievable set of art deco pendant lights when a local restaurant decided to sell them when they moved to a new location—how amazing would they look in someone’s kitchen?

Here are some other selections that invoke those old days, yet still feel fresh and crisp:

Stop in the next time you’re inspired to take a trip down memory lane!