Check Out Our New Revised Website

As of early January, The Brass Knob has a new website. The new site is very similar to our previous one, because our customers have always been complimentary of the look and function of it. However, there are some very important improvements. Some of these improvements are not obvious to someone shopping on the site, but are helpful to anyone looking on line for specific items who are not familiar with our store.

The main improvement for our customers is the addition of a magnifier for the photos in the catalog . With this magnifier it is possible to see the details of each item. At the moment, some of the photos on the website do not work as well as others because the magnifier uses photos of a different size. Now we are in the process of updating any photos that do not magnify correctly. Once our updating is finished this should not be an issue with any of the photos posted to the site. Anyone who needs more details can still email us to receive additional photos.

Please see the Contact Us page if you have any additional questions.