Brass Knob Now on Attic-DC

DC is a fantastic market for antique and vintage lovers—there are dozens of dealers scattered around the region, many with a certain focus, so there’s no end to the unique finds you can score without traveling too far. The only trick is finding all of us. Most of us are small, mom-and-pop dealers with minuscule—if any—ad budgets.

That’s why we were thrilled that a pair of vintage junkies who happen to be web developers have teamed up to create Attic-DC, a website where you can view what nearly 50 DC-area dealers are selling on any given day. Check out this article from the Washington Post magazine:

The site officially launched in June, and we joined them in August. They had very nice things to say about The Brass Knob in this news announcement, and we now have our own page on the site.

Be sure to visit to learn about all the terrific antique and vintage dealers in the Washington, DC metro area.

Here’s a taste of what you can find from our online shop at Attic:

Turn of the century chunk-glass globe light
Arts-and-Crafts solid-oak library desk
European Art Deco chrome and smoked glass four-arm chandelier
1920s cast-bronze building applique with dolphins
Weathered cast-concrete garden urns

We have a much larger selection, of course, in our online catalog, but whichever way you find us, we’re happy to help you find the perfect antique or vintage accent for your home.