Brass Knob Backdoors Warehouse to Close

This week we received very sad news. The Brass Knob Back Doors Warehouse will be closing in 30 days. For anyone who is not familiar with the history of The Brass Knob, for 25 years The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques and The Brass Knob Back Doors Warehouse were the same business. In 2005, when the Back Doors Warehouse moved out of Adams Morgan, we decided it was time to officially split the business, since we had been running separate operations for many years.

The past couple of years have been grueling for all small businesses. This year the weather in Washington made business even more difficult. Ron Allan owns The Brass Knob Back Doors Warehouse. He is the hardest worker the world has ever known and his knowledge and understanding of all aspects of buildings including their mechanical systems is amazing. He is someone who cherishes all old things and has dedicated his life to saving and recycling old house parts, no matter the size, the weight, or the amount of labor involved. Washington will lose a valuable resource when the Brass Knob Back Doors closes. The merchandise, much of which is hard to handle and to store, and most importantly the knowledge which aids customers in making the best choice and finding the correct piece for their application is not available anywhere else in the city.

We are all extremely sad that The Back Doors Warehouse has not been able to make it through these tough times and hope that everyone who reads this message will go shop at 57 N Street NW to help them clear out this space full of thousands of amazing items . Their sale flyer is attached to provide further details.

The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques will remain open at 2311 18th Street NW and on line at

Below you will find the flyer for the Backdoors Warehouse’s going out of business sale.