Architectural Salvage Store near Arlington, VA

For the last few decades, many home-buyers throughout the country are opting out of the newest and latest in suburban architecture, and teeming back into urban neighborhoods and vintage homes, seemingly in droves. The trend in urban renewal leans toward home restoration, and the more authentic, the better. Homeowners in every city, large and small, are lovingly restoring homes to their previous glory, honoring the authenticity of the architectural period, while making a beautiful and livable family home.

The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques recognizes the need for legitimate hardware, doorknobs, fixtures, lighting and many other pieces necessary for an authentic restoration. What began in 1981 as Washington DC’s premier source for all architectural antiques, is now considered one of the most reliable resources for architectural salvage products near Arlington, VA. The Brass Knob earned a reputation as the go-to shop for all American antique and vintage items necessary for restoring and preserving older homes, by providing a unique inventory which spans the architectural periods from 1870-1940.

Offering an available inventory of decorative, as well as functional, items for restoration and interior design, The Brass Knob suits all your antique and vintage needs. We specialize in rich and storied architectural periods, such as:

  • Georgian
  • Colonial Revival
  • Rococo
  • Victorian
  • Mission
  • Art Nouveau
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Art Deco
  • And more

Our inventory is sure to satisfy your quest. Our expert staff can provide assistance in all areas of your antique and vintage restoration, including design, architecture, lighting, and authentication.

A Bit of the History of Our Architectural Salvage Company

What began as a doorknob collection in the 1970s has evolved into one of the foremost authoritative sources for architectural antiques in the country. With a mutual passion for restoring long-forgotten architecture to its original glory, and a shared eye for beauty and design, Ron Allan and Donetta George opened The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques in 1981. Over the next decades, Ron and Donetta amassed a huge inventory of specialty and hard-to-find architectural pieces, building their business and reputation with those professional designers seeking quality period architectural pieces and ornaments.

Ron retired in 2011, but the store remains, and continues to grow on a foundation honed through years of professional knowledge and unique inventory. The Brass Knob enjoys a reputation for quality architectural antiques which stretches far beyond the confines of Washington, DC, or even the Eastern US.

The Source for Authentic Architectural Items near Arlington, VA & Nationwidee

Architectural Salvage has long been a passion of those at The Brass Knob. Rescuing and restoring those items which make a house a home-stained glass, newel posts, fireplace mantles, doors and hardware, bath and kitchen fixtures and accessories, lighting- and many other functional, yet authentic, pieces necessary for a true restoration. And, yes, we even have the occasional brass knob in our inventory.

As you may imagine, the Washington, DC area and the Mid-Atlantic region as a whole is rife with historic homes and buildings. Not all of these structures are able to be restored, and commonly, the buildings are torn down, the land repurposed. Of course, many of the pieces inside these structures are salvageable and provide the bulk of our inventory. Our store also buys and sells items from other areas, repurposing architectural salvage from all over the country.

If you’re restoring a home, or simply adding vintage panache to your décor, come browse our inventory. In the DC area, stop by our 18th Street Location. We’re open Monday-Saturday from 10:30-6:00 pm, and Sundays from noon-5:00 pm. You can always browse our inventory online, and check back often as we acquire items daily. For specific items, or questions about your restoration, contact The Brass Knob directly. We take your trust to heart.

Architectural Salvage Products Only a Short Drive From Arlington, VA

We encourage residents of Arlington, VA to come visit our store to see our impressive collection of architectural salvage for themselves. Although we can ship any item to you—anywhere in the country—we think you will be impressed if you make the short trip from Arlington, VA to check out our products in person—we think you’ll be impressed with both the size and quality of our selection of architectural salvage, antique, and vintage products.

Metered parking and a commercial parking lot are available to all our customers—alleviating any parking fears you may have in DC! The Adams Morgan Colonial Lot is located at 2419 16th Street NW. We validate two hours of parking for $3 at the Colonial lot until 5:00 PM and fours hours for $7 until 5 PM.

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