Antique & Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Restoring your vintage home to its original beauty is an act of love.  For a successful restoration, you must possess a keen eye for detail, and knowledge of the time period in which your home was built.  You need to have resources at your disposal which not only offer authentic period items, such as hardware, doors, fixtures and other items necessary for restoration, but a source for fully functioning items used to outfit your kitchen, bathroom and primary areas of your vintage home.

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Our Antique Lighting Products

We sell:

– Antique lighting fixtures
– Antique and vintage chandeliers
– Antique sconces and wall lights
– Victorian lighting fixtures

– Antique street lighting
– Antique and vintage lamps
– Vintage flush mount lighting

– Antique and vintage light shades
– Antique pendant lighting
– Vintage glass pendant lights
– Antique and vintage lanterns
– And more!

Lighting is an essential aspect of any renovation.  When you replace the lighting in your restored home, finding safely functioning antique lighting kits is necessary.  Your vintage lighting fixtures must be approved and up to the current codes before you install them.  Making sure your antique lighting can accommodate your present-day home is an important part of any restoration project.

Antique lighting and vintage lighting make a huge impact in your home décor.  Finding chandeliers, sconces, fixtures and other types of classic American lighting may seem a tall order.  Specific period pieces aren’t readily available at your local big box home improvement center, and poring over the inventory at antique stores and flea markets can be quite time consuming.  You need a reliable source for your vintage lighting.

vintage lighting fixtures

Your Best Source for Antique Lighting in Washington, DC

The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques specializes in procuring and reconditioning lighting fixtures from the popular periods between 1870 and 1940.  Rococo, Victorian, Federal, Colonial, Georgian and Art Nouveau are just some of the examples of architectural designs represented in our inventory at the Brass Knob.  All of the fixtures in our vast inventory are authentic.

Our knowledgeable staff has been proudly serving the Washington DC area for over 30 years.  We offer a vast array of architectural antiques at The Brass Knob.  Hardware, Ironwork, fireplace mantles and accessories, stained glass, sconces, and newel posts are some of the items we stock for those discerning homeowners interested in restoring their home to its original glory, or simply adding a touch of vintage grace and unique style to their décor.

Finding Your Perfect Vintage Lighting Fixture

Antique Sheffield Hanging Light

There’s no argument that lighting has changed over the past several decades.  Trends in art and architecture have dictated the popular appeal of such décor as art deco frosted lamps, and avant-garde style fixtures, crystal chandeliers and ornate examples of the late 1800’s and the popular milk-glass, cut-glass and slag-glass found among the inverted dome styles of chandeliers.  Though lighting may seem a small item, on the grand scale of a renovation or restoration, working antique and vintage lighting can make a very big difference and lend authenticity to your home’s décor.

Those homeowners who wish to remain true to their architectural and design style will be pleased with the inventory available at The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques.  We’ve been a reliable source for all of your hardware, fixture and antique lighting needs since 1981.  Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find exactly what you need.

In the DC area, you can come and browse our collection of antique lighting at our 18th Street store.  We’re open Monday-Saturday from 10:30-6:00, and Sunday from noon-5:00.  If you’re outside of Washington, DC, please browse our online inventory to find that perfect item. 

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Contact The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques with any questions you may have, or if you’re seeking a certain item that you don’t see listed in our extensive catalog.  We’re always available to help with your antique lighting and vintage lighting needs.

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