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There are many facets to home restoration and remodeling.  From refinishing floors and counters, replacing stair parts, windows and doors, to securing functional lighting, fireplace implements, and kitchen and bathroom fixtures, a restoration project can be a major undertaking.  Each and every task seems to come with its own set of obstacles, but you know, in the end, all of your dedication will pay off.

At The Brass Knob, we offer a wide selection of antique door hardware, including knobs, push plates, hinges, and more. Our antique door hardware comes in a variety of styles from a number of different architectural eras. We are confident that you will be pleased with our selection and find the antique hardware that fits your wants and needs. Visit our Washington, DC store or click the button below to view our selection!

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Replacing Your Antique Doors

Replacing a door is never an easy task, no matter how many DIY sources you’ve consulted.  When you’re replacing an antique door you take on an entirely new set of challenges.  As you’ve invested money and/or time in restoring your door to its original beauty, you certainly don’t want to detract from that beauty by using less-than-authentic hardware.  You can’t just run down to your local big box home improvement center and purchase the necessary hardware.

Your only solution is to find antique door hardware for your project.  Antique and vintage door hardware are a necessity, not only for their aesthetic qualities, but because they were originally crafted to go with your antique door.  When replacing these items, you don’t want to incur damage to your door because you need to make adjustments in lining up modern hinge screws, or securing a replica knob.  You want your restoration project to be as authentic and true to your home’s architectural period as possible.  You’ll need to utilize antique and vintage hardware such as door knobs, hinges and plates, specific to your home’s architectural era.

Antique Door Knobs

Antique door knobs have become quite popular, and harder to find.  Now being used in many ways, from artwork, to coat hooks, antique doorknobs are quite lovely.   Glass knobs, etched brass, cast iron, Dresden and many other styles are available at The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques.  The addition of the right antique door knob makes all the difference in a successful restoration.

Antique Door Hinges

As stated earlier, having the appropriate hinge for your door, or cabinet, is a necessity.  The Brass Knob has plentiful inventory of antique hinges and vintage door hardware for every restoration project.  Consult our online catalogue, or browse our DC area store, to find the hinges you require.

Antique Back Plates

What better way to enhance your authentic vintage door knob than by adding a lovely back plate?  Choose from our constantly-updated stock of vintage and antique back plates, both ornate and elegant.  If you don’t see just what you’re looking for, consult with one of our experts, either in-house or online, and we can help you find the perfect back plate.

Antique Push Plates

Push plates are a beautiful detail to any door.  Antique and vintage push plates are works of art.  Brushed or polished, brass, bronze, or iron, etched or plain, a push plate adds quality to your antique door.

Obtaining authentic antique and vintage door hardware for your restored home can be time-consuming.  Finding the genuine article-not some factory reproduction-provides an honesty and originality those dedicated to restoration appreciate. But searching high and low for that particular piece can become a real chore.  You can find the hardware you need, including doorknobs, in one place.

Antique Door Hardware in Washington, DC

Visit The Brass Knob Architectural Antiques for all of your vintage and antique door hardware needs.  With available inventory, in house and online, of antique door hardware from architectural periods such as Georgian, Mission, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Colonial and Art Nouveau, you’re sure to find the door knobs, plates, hinges and hardware you need to complete the authentic restoration of your historic home.

Contact The Brass Knob and let us help you achieve the restoration you desire.

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